Values-based Education, Positive Character and Creative Self-Expression

Founded in September 2007, Creative Minds International Academy is a Jos, Nigeria-based model coeducational school empowering students with tools for critical thinking to investigate information and inter-connectedness of all life, and then make wise decisions for sustainable relationships with each other and with Earth herself.

Constantly importing tools from international educators and innovators, we are exercising great courage to add leading-edge ways to learn and to dignify each other -girls and boys - building true school community in a safe, spiritual atmosphere. Our contemporary curriculum highlights personal creativity and discovery of one's own talents and abilities. Idealism and high principles are what work in real life, so self-discipline on such daily decisions are building a new breed of participatory young citizens at our school.

At Creative Minds International Academy we don't just teach stuff to our students. We work with them to find solutions to problems. In this way, we are creating students able to learn by themselves and become the change they want to see in the world. At Creative Minds International Academy, we cultivate and promote a social environment that encourages and celebrates individual initiative, creativity and responsibility. We provide our students with opportunities for broad intellectual and values-based education that develops their capacities and creative talents and enables them to grow as human beings and good global citizens in aesthetic and/or applied pursuits.