CMIA Founder

Values-based Education, Positive Character and Creative Self-Expression

I have the honor and pleasure to welcome you, parents and students, who have chosen to join us at Creative Minds International Academy. Our mission is to help young people to discover and develop their inherent gifts, talents and abilities and to help raise ethically responsible, self-disciplined, and creative citizens capable of participation in a positive and sustainable society. We are deeply committed to providing young people with opportunities to develop a sound knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Nigeria's rich traditional values and cultural heritage and to situate this understanding in a global context through a greater shared acceptance and understanding of our diverse the world.

Inspired by Project Happiness and established in 2007 as a values-based education school, Creative Minds International Academy is situated in a serene and conducive learning environment among the rocky hills of Jos, the Plateau State Capital-Nigeria's "Home of Peace and Tourism". Our facilities on ground have been acquired and constructed with funds offered from philanthropists and donations from friends, socially responsive individuals and corporate bodies at home and abroad. As time goes by we will be expanding our facilities by constructing more classrooms, laboratories, and library and Sporting facilities to accommodate our present and future students.

We are committed to preparing our students for the intellectual, personal and creative challenges of school life and beyond. Our curriculum is designed to promote cultural understanding and harmony between those of different ethnic backgrounds. Our curriculum provides equal opportunities for all students regardless of race, gender, language or religion. Our School is committed to the belief that the ability to recognize and celebrate differences is an essential quality that all of us can strive for. The inclusion of all children is very significant to us and every effort is made to ensure that what we offer is accessible to all children whatever their individual needs may be. Our aim is to give every child the opportunity to achieve their potential in learning by developing their personal, social and intellectual skills.

Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, PhD                                                                                                  Founder, Creative Minds International Academy